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Hardscapes & Paved Pathways

If you would like to have an outdoor living area in which entertaining and cooking are blending into the same space, look no further ENG Orchards Landscaping is here take your hardscape design and turn it into a reality.

We have the best and most qualified Vancouver WA hardscape pavers to make your backyard dream a reality. Paver patios are one of our specialties and are built to last and look great for years. Best of all, if they are ever damaged, it can be repaired quickly and easily. By matching new pavers with existing pavers, the surface of your ENG Orchards Landscaping patio will look exactly as it did before. We have a giant range of colors and patterns that we use to design for any type of courtyard, patio, deck, or driveway in Vancouver Wa and surrounding areas.

At ENG Orchards Landscaping, we ensure that your project in Vancouver WA even if it’s a simple Hardscape design job is beautiful. Great customer service is our number one goal with every job we take on. Every employee is service trained and given the opportunity to be really “hands-on”. Everyone takes on a part of ownership to each project and our service shows through our work. Our commitment to expanding our service and our hardscapes and our paved pathways designs approach is what makes us the best in Vancouver WA and surrounding areas. This plus our many years of providing excellent quality Landscape designs and excellent Hardscape Design project services is truly what separates us from our competitors.